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Evan Orloff

Maine Grains
Head Baker
Evan Orloff got a late start in bread baking at the age of 29. He spent his earlier career in the apparel industry, but always had it in the back of his head that he wanted to work in the food industry.

At the time Evan was living in Berkeley, CA. In May 2019 he took a two-hour workshop at The Mill in San Francisco to learn the basics of sourdough bread. He came home with some notes and a starter and the baking began.

Within a few months he had sent some emails to a few bakeries around the San Francisco Bay Area for a job.

Fortunately he was contacted by Brickmaiden Breads in Point Reyes, CA for an interview. He showed up with a home baked loaf of bread and a lot of interest in becoming a baker. They invited him back for a stage and that visit was shortly followed up with a job offer.

For the next 7 months he learned how to shape, mix, and bake sourdough. And then the pandemic made its way to the states. Due to his living situation he stopped working and had to make a plan. He decided to move to the Northeast. Evan started to reach out to bakeries in and around Portland, ME. Unfortunately no bakeries seemed to be hiring during the summer months of 2020. However, a friend of a friend put him in touch with Amber Lambke of Maine Grains. Amber was looking to build out a sourdough bread program out of the restaurant she owns that shares the building with Maine Grains, The Miller’s Table.

They had a few phone calls, a couple zooms, and he did a baking project to show her what he was capable of. Granted, home baking and baking in a bakery at a larger scale are two different sports. Amber gave Evan the opportunity and he started work at the Miller’s Table in September 2020.

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