We envision a world where local grain economies that are
good for people and good for the planet can thrive.

Daniel J. Rizika

Dorothy Pond Pizza & Bakery LLC
Millbury, MA
I have been baking unprofessionally since I was in my teens...and my passion for the process of making breads and pizzas has only deepened with my age.  Each year I learn more, practice more, bake more and suddenly I find myself with my dream comming true -- an opportunity to start my small (takeout only) pizza / Bakery.  Over the past 20+ years of running my small manufacturing company (not dough related) my business allowed me to travel to most parts of the world; and in each country I tasted wonderful new flavors in foods wonderfully cooked by artisians.   After my first trip to Europe, I fell passionately in love...with sourdough, or naturally leavens breads.  This became my new path, my niche passion which strangely never faded over the years like so many of my previous passions.  Just recognizing this truth boosted my energy and confidence to open a small artisian bakery.  My wife Amy and I have worked steadily on rennovations and sourcing restaurant equipment and bakery ovens.  We hope to have our bakery setup by early 2022.  I will be milling grains on site to incorporate into my sourdough dough.  I am very interested in working with local farmers who grow various wheat grains.  I need to learn another level deeper about Organically Grown  Grains.  
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